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About Arash









My academic pursuits reflect my diverse cultural narrative. Prior to studying Psychoanalysis at C.G Jung Institute in Zurich, I earned my Ph.D. in Systems Science from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and obtained a Master of Science in System Dynamics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Before working as a psychoanalyst, I embraced roles as a university lecturer, researcher, mathematical modeller, consultant, and engineer.


​Persian mystic poetry and mythology served as my first gateway into the soul, a journey that eventually introduced me to the teachings of Carl Jung. My early affinity for this mythopoetic dimension was nurtured by my father, a lifelong teacher of Persian literature. More recently, my immersion in the shamanic healing traditions of Amazonia, Peru, has bestowed upon me deep insights into the world of the soul. 


Art has been my guiding light and companion throughout my journey. Time and space blur as I craft melodies on my guitar or give life to my imagination and emotions through poetry. Currently, I am deeply immersed in Persian mystic poetry, exploring the psychological, symbolic and archetypal dimensions of  Hafez's poetic expressions.


Born in in Iran and later naturalized in Switzerland, I now call Lima, Peru, home, where I share my life with my Italian wife. My journey weaves a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and philosophies, all shaped by experiences across three continents. This global perspective has enriched and deepened my understanding of the human conditions.

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