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How I Can Help You

As a system dynamicist, I have worked on large scale simulation platforms of socio-technical systems in sustainability and circular economy domains.​

As an educator, I teach systems thinking, system dynamics and systemic design at DESIGN DISSOLVE and universities in Geneva and Lausanne area, where I have been awarded as the distinguished member of the faculty several times in the recent years.

In my private psychoanalysis practice, I help my clients in their journeys of transformation and individuation towards self-realisation and the discovery and experience of meaning and purpose in life.

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Training Courses

If you would like to...
• Hone and cultivate your intuition and creativity,
• Develop the capacity to discern complexity,
• Add depth and dimension to your observations,
• Refine your thinking and probe into your mental models,
• Develop the capacity to learn how to learn
...then my training courses provide a safe space for you to do so!
Arash Golnam | Psychoanalysis


If you would like to...
• Understand the invisible forces that drive your behaviors,
• Create a sense of harmony between your inner and outer worlds,
• Become more aware of your strengths and limitations,
• Improve a sense of meaning in life,
• Access your creative energies
...then join me on a journey of self-discovery through the psychoanalytic process.


If you would like to...
• Examine complex problems from multiple perspectives and reiterate them in novel ways,
• Investigate the causes of complex dynamics more holistically,
• To analyze the impact of alternative policies and conditions,
• To make more informed choices when it comes to designing new policies
...then I will be happy to help you explore the applications of systems thinking in your organization.
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