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My Approach to Psychoanalysis

 To me, Jungian psychoanalysis is an exploration into the profound mysteries of the soul, tuning into its delicate whispers and subtle expressions, whether they echo through dreams, visions, fantasies or artistic creations. This heightened sensitivity cultivates our inherent ability to heal and reveals insights and perspectives that habit and long-held beliefs often mask from our view.

To truly grasp the rich, multifaceted essence of the soul, one requires an interpretive capacity that embraces diverse perspectives. In my psychoanalytic practice, I seamlessly blend principles from systems and complexity science, insights from psychological astrology, the enduring resonance of Persian mystic poetry, and the wisdom rooted in the Shipibo healing traditions of Peru. Collectively, these elements craft a lens to unveil the intricacies of the unconscious realm.


How I can help you

In our psychoanalytic journey, you can anticipate a profound exploration of your inner world, gaining insights into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

If you're grappling with depression, anxiety, or unhappiness, our work can uncover the roots and dissolve these difficulties.

For those navigating mid-life transitions, our collaborative efforts will guide you toward clarity and purpose, revealing fresh opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

This therapeutic process fosters self-discovery, healing, and a deeper connection to the richness of your life's story and the wellspring of your creative energies."

Join me on a journey of self-discovery through the psychoanalytic process.
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